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CHANGELOG: Adjustments Made to ORvR from Community Feedback

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CHANGELOG: Adjustments Made to ORvR from Community Feedback

Beitrag von Danaon am So Okt 17, 2010 9:02 pm

CHANGELOG: Adjustments Made to ORvR from Community Feedback
Michael Wyatt

Tweaks and Adjustments made due to feedback from October 6th, 2010 test:

Siege may no longer be placed where mounting is not allowed.

Corrected an issue where AOE Siege damage was too low and tightened up its radius.

Siege weapons may now only damage enemy players, enemy Siege weapons and Aerial Bombers.

Resource Carrier health has been halved. Estimated time-to-kill is now approximately 15 seconds for a full party.

Rally Flag to the Warcamp is now available within the friendly Keep so long as the Inner Sanctum Door stands strong.

First pass of the ORvR Tracker will be available. This is a fully dragable UI element that will show Keep and Battlefield Objective zone map icons and their associated statuses. It is not complete as there are some additions coming down the pipe: a Resource bar to show current Resource value a Keep has toward the next Rank, the number of doors a Keep has and the health bar of the current vulnerable door.

Tweaks and Adjustments made due to feedback from October 8th, 2010 test:

Deployable Siege may once again be placed in areas where mounting is not allowed.

Battlefield Objectives will now lockdown for 5 minutes after being successfully captured. Resources will be generated, unable to be disturbed, during this time. Resource Carriers will continue to spawn every 120 seconds as well. (NOTE: This will cause a known issue where a Battlefield Objective's Resource Generation Timer will be reset when the Battlefield Objective transitions from Locked->Unlocked. We're looking for feedback on the locking itself before investing engineering time to correct the issue. While testing, please assume that this timer is not reset.)

Resource Carriers will now automatically be issued orders 2 5 minutes after being spawned. Interacting with a Resource Carrier prior to this 2 5 minute timer will continue to cause them to dispatch.

Reduced the Resource thresholds to rank up a Keep by 25%.

Aerial Bomber abilities "Fire Bomb" and "Chaos Fire Bomb" have had their damage radius reduced and will no longer ignore AOE line-of-sight checks.

Players may now only carry one deployable Siege weapon at a time.

Siege weapons are once again repairable in combat but the repair duration has been increased to 45 seconds (up from 30 seconds).

Reduced the amount of damage reduction provided to Resource Carriers by a Rank 1 Keep to 25% (down from 50%).

Resource Carriers are now affected by their own version of Against All Odds. All damage received is reduced by a scaling percentage based upon the population ratios.

Resource Carriers now reward a Realm with Experience, Renown and Influence upon making a Resource delivery. The Reward scales based upon the distance of the path that the Resource Carrier has chosen to take. The longer a path is the more Reward that will be granted to players within the RvR lake.

Tweaks and Adjustments made due to feedback from October 12th, 2010 test:

Siege may now only be repaired if its health percentage is 25% or less.

Resource Carriers of the more populous Realm will now take a scaling, percentage increase in damage via an ability called "Diminishing Rations" (reverse "Against All Odds")

Corrected a calculation issue in Resource Carrier health that caused it to be significantly higher than intended.

Reduced the amount of Resources needed to achieve a Rank 4 and 5 Keep.

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